Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Yesterday as I was chilling in the living room going through my daily posts on Facebook while waiting for dinner, I just decided to scroll through the KTN Kenya page. I saw the headline page showing the missing MH370 plane. The plane searching was entering into it's fourth day. Many people's hopes of ever seeing their loved ones were by now membrane-thin. Then as I clicked on the link, it brought something different-An accident of a matatu that had taken place killing 16 on board. (God bless their souls and be with their families) I left it and then decided to Google the reports that were being channeled to the public. Then as investigations began getting deeper and deeper, my worst confirmed theories came across me. "Maybe it was hijacked and sucked up by a UFO?" Then I calmed my nerves saying I might be the only one who thinks that way. Let me keep it to myself. Then I remember during lunch break at school, we were discussing the missing flight with my colleagues and then I told them of a possible Alien abduction act. It looked like a "Hollywood" stunt but I think I made sense. Because later in the evening, the people who took to social networks to air out their views were singling out the possibilities of an alien abduction, that's if there were no wreckage or crashing of the plain(Which could have been proved by now or let's say 24 hours after crash). 

Then old stories of Aliens and UFOs become the center of discussion. I then started digging into old beliefs about the existence of extraterrestrial beings who are known to be technologically advanced considered to us Humans. One blogger speculated about everything from secret military weapons tests to "Bermuda Triangle-like ripples in the fabric of space time."If you don't believe this then check this out, reasons that an alien abduction should be the contributing factor.
"If we never find the debris," he wrote on Natural News, "it means some entirely new, mysterious and powerful force is at work on our planet which can pluck airplanes out of the sky without leaving behind even a shred of evidence."

As an internet junkie, I had to ransack the internet for any available tangible information. Ranging from Reuters to compiled documents of these proofs  for journals and even YouTube. A wide field I would not like to scare you with. This is because I will be boring you with a lot of unproven facts about these super natural beings and also I have some crazy end of trimester exams in April. So please bare with me. 

I will only talk about their characteristics and how their technology considered to the missing Malaysian jet have a relationship which looks so unclear now but if all factors are held constant will be 99.9% true living a small space for doubt. As I read through some articles I came to realize that these beings criss-cross the universe at supersonic speeds in large saucers while carrying a whole city! As a matter of fact, these saucers carry a capacity of about 130, 000 beings and they are 10 miles in diameter. Ok, using Quantum physics, an astrologer sat down with experts and decided to confirm Billy Meiers facts as he go them from Plejarens, an extra terrestrial race. They found out that these saucers gain light speed at 4.3 hours and a decelerating speed of about the same speed from light speed to zero giving them the favour to travel to the nearest galaxy which is a few light years away probably 20, 000 light years in 10 hours. 

This looked puzzling but it only verified 20% of the actual speed that Meier was given by Semjase during his contact with her back in the late 1950s. My question to this situation is, how are these beings so technologically advanced that by the '50s they could make contact with humans while we had not even felt our own space atmosphere? Was the missing of the Malaysian airline MH370 not abducted by these aliens in order to fulfill a certain purpose best known to them? I really think it's a high time someone in the high ranks talked about this situation because losing our own kind into thin air is not something to take lightly. This might be the start of some inter galaxy slavery which might lead to suffering and if not controlled extinction of the human race all together. Because you never know what they will be up to next once there experiments work well. Before you comment, please NOTE that I am an inquisitive mourner like you who just feels that something is not right, not only with the missing flight, but with our airspace. Did the aliens abduct MH370?
And if you don't think they are real, you are Ignorant!
I mourn with all those on board the MH370. Let's do all we can to get our loved ones and the right facts of what happened before we all get doomed or get into depressing situations of not getting to know the whereabouts of our loved ones.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Q Dance logo
Defqon.1 Festival
A few days ago as I was seated in our ICT lab searching for some files, I decided to give a listen to some music. As I usually do since I get bored fast when I don't have my ears thumping to any good eargasmic beats. Then as I searched, I decided to go through my subscriptions and saw Defqon.1Holland Mix. Since I wasn't concentrating, I just clicked on it. The after-movie starts with some ladies singing in I think Danish. Then follows the hard EDM beats as the after movie unveils itself. Then I remembered my long lost found love. Hardstyle!! I got to remember the songs I used to hear in 2012. The likes of COONE and Headhunters. Before I bore you much with my history about  Hardstyle, just know it is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hard-techno , hard house,hard trance, and hardcore. Hardstyle typically consists of a deep, hard-sounding kick drum, intense faded or reversed basslines accompanying the beat, a synth playing a melody, and detuned and distorted sounds. It bears some similarities to hard trance . Many hardcore artists produce hardstyle tracks as well, and many newer Hardstyle tracks are written in compound time.History Origins Hardstyle was influenced by hard trance, gabber , acid house and hard house. Hardstyle has its origins in the Netherlands where artists like Dana, Pavo, Luna and The Prophet , who produced Hardcore, started experimenting while playing their Hardcore records.
The love sign in all EDM events at Q Dance
The first Hardstyle events, like Qlubtempo, took place at the beginning of the 21st century. The first few years of Hardstyle were characterized by a tempo of around 140-150 BPM, a compressed kick drum sound, a short vocal sample, a screech and the use of a "reverse bass", which can be heard on the offbeat after each kick. After several successful editions of Qlubtempo and Qlimax, Q-dance registered the word hardstyle as their brand on the 4th of July 2002.

Festival Grounds for Defqon 1 Aussi
Around 2002, more Hardstyle labels emerged. Fusion (with artist as DJ Zany and Donkey Rollers) and Scantraxx (founded by Dov Elkabas ) are two of the Dutch labels that started to bring out Hardstyle tracks around that time. Around 2004-05 the genre became more melodic and uplifting, somewhat faster (usually 150 BPM), and distorted, sharp kick drum sounds were added. Many producers started to pitch- shift a distorted kick drum to create a melodic bassline that usually plays in pitch with a typical hard trance supersaw or a thinner electro house synth melody. The melody often is in tuplet form, which gives the genre a pulsating rhythm, whereas older Hardstyle as well as other genres such as jumpstyle have more basic melodic structures to them. Thus, nowadays many people refer to the older style as early Hardstyle.
Rawstyle Since around 2008, more terms to identify developments of Hardstyle were introduced. Rawstyle is a type of Hardstyle influenced from Dutch Hardcore or older Hardstyle resulting in darker melodies and deeper-sounding kick drums with more distortion through VST plug-ins such as Devastor, CamelPhat, Ohmicide & TriDirt.

Coone live at a Q DANCE event
Dubstyle In early 2010s, a new variation in hardstyle, named Dubstyle was introduced. Dubstyle is the name given to the genre fusion of Hardstyle and Dubstep. Dubstyle tends to have reversed wobble basslines and take the kick styling of hardstyle tracks, while combining them with the rhythm, groove, and dubstep tempo and effects a fusion of elements of hardstyle with a dubstep rhythm, usually a 2-step or a breakbeat rhythm. Because of the sporadic beat in Dubstyle, the bass is often more dragged out and/or it doesn't follow a strict offbeat pattern that regular Hardstyle incorporates, which in turn results in Dubstyle basslines bearing similarities to dubstep basslines. The first mainstream Dubstyle track was Headhunterz & Brennan Heart's "The MF Point of Perfection".

Tent Arena, Defqon 1 Aussi
These are the genres that were given birth to by Hardstyle. However, before Hardstyle was born a few people came up and did parties. Today they are recognized as the World's premiere Hardstyle festival warriors. They are Q DANCE!!! Q-dance is a Dutch company that organizes events and festivals that focuses on the harder styles of dance music like Hardcore, Hardstyle, Dubstyle, Techno and Hardhouse. Popular events and festivals organized by Q-dance are Defqon.1 Festival , Q BASE, Qlimax and X-Qlusive The events of Q-dance are easily identified by the letter “Q” on the event names.The logo of Q-dance is inspired by the power button, which if turned 120degrees to the right creates the letter “Q”. Q-dance was founded in 1999 as Qlass Elite by a couple of friends in the northern suburbs of Amsterdam (Landsmeer, the Netherlands). The first event created by Qlass Elite was Houseqlassics, an event that played old school house music. After two editions of Houseqlassics, in the year 2000 a few more events were scheduled for the year: 91-92 and Qlimax . A year later, in 2001, the name of the company was changed into Q-dance and a new concept was introduced

MASSIVE Q Dance stages
But what I can say is, I love this genre. Looks creepy by the attire of the revelers, the creatures and the whole setup of the stages.. Even the DJs dress sooo gothic! You might think you're in a rock n roll concert. But Defqon.1 Aussi is my first go! When I take a trip down there (Australia), I will go to Bondi Beach to experience this Hard Q dance experience!