Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Chokoraa MENACE!!!

Since I started going alone to town, I have been hearing stories of 'chokoraas' and the harrowing experiences they offer to the innocent people of Nairobi. These stories seemed like science-fiction to me until last Tuesday in the evening as I left town for home. We had been busy troubleshooting on the event we were working on that following weekend with my partner Lucie. Little did I know that some low life skunk roaming around the city had chosen me to be one of his victims on that fateful Tuesday evening. To me, I thought it was that normal guy who always disturbs young lads fresh from high school  with borrowing money along Moi avenue. How he knew they were freshmen I don't know. But that is another case that has been sending shivers down the citizens of Nairobi who are in town whenever they see him.

Back to my little 'funny' story. But reality dawned on me when I noticed these were one of those hard core Tom Mboya street boys who are skilled in 'handaing' people to get kitu kidogo for their tummies and their crude drugs that keep them up with their day to day lives.

"Brothee, itakuaje ukijenga man kama wewe?" 

I didn't deserve to be told what to do next. The next thing I was criss crossing the street in a bid to escape this goon but his determination kept me at bay. His threats were enough to make you wet your trousers. 

"Kijana, yaani unatembea ni kama haujaniskiza? Unajua ukihepa hii shonde itakupata bado..."

Did I hear myself well?? I quickly took a glance at all his hands only to notice he was carrying  handful fresh orange human shit!!! Somebody bring me water and a basin incase I vomit. I looked around and everyone was in a hurry to get home and others were avoiding 'our conversation' with this smelly bully like a deadly plague that has wiped a whole county.  From this point on, I knew things were starting to get thick. I was left with only one choice. Comply with him.
That's exactly what I did. I started getting him engrossed in a conversation that he was too wuivk to chip in. He narrated how he can't go home when 'Baba Deno' doesn't have anything to take to his son.
After pleading with him that I only had 20 bob to get home, he couldn't let me go. Luckily, I had enough money to take me home on my other pocket. Without even wasting time, he took the ksh20 coin and like a magnet, landed on his next prey, a young naivr man who looked new in the city along Tom Mboya street and left me as ig nothing happened. I hurriedly slept between the crowd of people heading home too and made sure that I was as far as possible from my new friend, Baba Deno.
As I took my bus home, I just sat down and then many quick questions passed through my mind like an avalanche in the Himalayas mountains.

"Does this guy have a family? 

How did he get the courage to carry the watery shit on his right palm? What made him do that?? Is it that he cannot do or earn money the right way?

Will his son be proud of what he is doing, even if it's in the name of getting daily bread for him? 

How does his wife get to do when he comes home  and realises that her husband scares the society with fresh feaces so that he can get a few coins to put a meal on the table? 
Does she know he does that?"

With more thinking, I asked myself,

"What if I were one among the many Nairobians who are always done the same each and every day and different locations round the city?.

Why is something like this going on right under our noses in broad daylight in the presence of a multitude of sane people?

Where has been the city council and the necessary bodies involved done to cub this growing infamous behaviour?"

If so, then this should be a matter to be dealt with accordingly by the necessary authorities i.e the devolved government under the leadership of the Governor-Evans Kidero and the Senator-Mike Mbuvi Sonko . I appeal that clearing our streets of these street families would bring. peace of mind for many people including me. Please look into the matter with the seriousness it deserves  and let's make our streets safe for the city dwellers.

-That Mind Blog

Monday, 28 April 2014

Easter Saturday for ME

Hello everyone. How have you been while I was away? I know many had missed my writing but to cut the whole story short some think I have been a D for the past few days or let's call it months. Sorry, most of the tasks and work I had were far much more demanding than to sit behind a computer and start typing a whole blog from my already full and busy mind. Please forgive me?? Thank you so much.

Now, where do we start?? Let's see. Wait. Let me tell you something.  I have had a lot to write about in mind since my last post. Trust me like 10 or so things but as per now I cannot remember a thing. Oh. I think I remember one. Hakuna Matata festival that took place during April 19th-20th. First of all I was soo depsyched to go for it after I abruptly had to cancel my event the previous week. So I just decided why not stay home think things over then plan well for all my events that would be taking place during the year. However, my small brother kept nagging me to take him for HAKUNA MATATA. I was a bit pissed inside because I had my 'own issues' which were by then much greater than I had fathomed. Nonetheless, I got convinced either way and by 8pm on 19th April, we were all crammed up in our car on our way to the famous Mutua's county- Machakos. 

As expected, numbers don't lie!! Everyone in Nairobi was there. It's as if even the county residents didn't know of the existence of the event. We looked like some.invaders in someone's land. I realized this when we were at the entrance waiting to get in when some guy started vomiting on the flowers (after much vodka I suppose) then some guy came, who I think works in the park said in a harsh tone.

    "Msikuje kutuharibia maua zetu hapa! Rudini Nairobi pahali mumezoea hizi tabia zenu mbovu".

I was shocked! I guess everyone was because something like this here in Nairobi is normal. Very normal. It kept me thinking much more on what he had just said. They were really takong care of their environment regardless of background.  No wonder Machakos will be the next big urban centre if we Nairobians don't take care of our CITY. Beside that, we eventually got in and with the much expectation I thought the event had from what I had from other people especially my Young brother, I confirmed that. The place was super packed!! Good food, good drinks and good women for the boys!! Don't point fingers sisters, you also got time to share the piece of cake together with us brothers. I am saying this because I met everyone there!! Even my primary school mates!! This made us relive memories which were once shut by the evolution and passing on of days till then. I even met some people we had not talked in ages. Some were even shocked to see that I had grown some beard. Haha. It's funny I know. Regardless of the rain, no one couldn't stop to have fun including me. I had fun even while getting rained on. Btw funny thing is I never noticed that I was wet the whole time till I went back to the car. 

However, there is never a bad piece of grain in a  whole sack. (Hey, that's my own proverb.) But for this one, a few grains were bad. The music played by some DJ  was off tune. All tracks were commercial tracks dated back to 2007, unmatched beats, and different BPMS for these said tracks. I really didn't get the reason as to why he played 'Bullshit' because for an event with a bigger name of that scale, and also his brand, I am still perturbed by that. All I can say is, next time, STEP UP baba and play at sunrise, not prime time. you'll thank me later.

But the deep groovy tunes after were just too sweet for sunrise!  I even jammed to the deep house alone. Call it love for the music. Oh oh!! Dj stylez! This guy is a fuckeen legend!  The guy who did almost a 2 hour set without touching the decks! He gave me high school memories for some tracks like Lollipop-when Lil Wayne used to rap sense and Buy you a drink- Tpain not forgetting the new tracks like Dark horse. For sure, he is East Africa's best DJ. I love this guy when's on the decks! Bro, you killed it No lie. Creme was too gooood to be true. (Isn't he always good??)one of the most humble djs I know to walk across the kenyan soil these days. He still djs at changez even after all the accolades he has on his hall of fame cabinet. Wow. You are a role model to many baba. Keep up the good job. 

As the hours ticked, that meant it was about sunrise and time to go home. I took my already dazed self back to the car and on the way met even my family friend who came from UK for this festival on Easter.  That's when I realized that this event had toooooo much psyche! After we were all in the car, we drove back and got to Nairobi around 6:45 am an hour later. We went straight to hit the shits. Goodnight.  To me I give this event a 7/10. They can do better next time and that was HAKUNA MATATA for me.

As a parting short, please make sure to TURN UP for the third edition of ULTIMATE HANGOUT FESTIVAL SERIES this 3rd May at Ngong Racecourse for 12 hours of Non-stop madness and pure fun!

-That Mind Blog