Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My letter to my 'true' friend

The other day I was telling my friend to come for my friend's birthday party only for her to reply that she won't come if she will have to pay. For a moment I got raged and angry then I kept calm knowing the situation of the type of business I am in. It prompted me to write to her a long text inform a letter. I think as a promoter would be of help to you as a party goer in future. This is just one long letter a promoter who is your friend would like to tell you but will never tell you because of the fact that They are your friends, schoolmates or even neighbours.As for her, let's call her Pascaline. I think no one is called by this name or are rarely called this way. So let's use it.


I might respect the fact that you use money 'wisely'. Anyway,  I thought I should make this clear to you because no one and I mean NO one will ever tell you such.But before you continue, I just wanted to let you know that the below letter is just nothing but business. Nothing personal.No feelings attached! Feel free to call me anything and any day after going through it. If you think it's a lie also, share it with your pals and let them give you their views.

Ever wondered why there are events? Ever wondered why there are entertainment allowances once you land a job? Ever wondered why people buy tickets to various events for example to  go watch movies, football matches and go for talk shows? The main fundamental reason is TO HAVE FUN.Nothing else! 

Ever wondered where the fun facilities come from?? Ever wondered who pays for the DJs, the performers? The security during these occasions?  The power? The brands ? The wristbands you wear at events??
Someone uses money in everything of what you enjoy and use at these events.  That's why there is IMagine-nation , 6:AM and Tomorrowland and the likes. These are the people who are behind these such big events where they give you 'plot' to do in a lonely Saturday night or during the Holidays.

Ever wondered if people had the same mentality you have, would there be events?  Would there be DJs? Would there be that person that prints tickets, posters and banners for a promoter like me? Would there be a job for that security guy who makes sure you are safe the whole night in the cold as you party and get drunk?? Ever wondered if someone like me, who takes through all the hustle to make an event for a living and passion would do events? Would get money to text you? 

So I see that an event was discriminated on the papers! It's not their fault, but if we keep on discriminating someone else's hustle that's where the problem comes in. The organisers might have done some mistakes, Everyone does. But that doesn't mean we go around messing someone else who is really trying to work on their livelihood. Yes they have learnt I hope the next one they will be careful.
Now here is my main point of view. EDM is a Lifestyle everywhere in the world. A Lifestyle that started way back in the '70s and now BOOM! It's a way of life.

EDM has changed the economies of many countries Let alone the host cities. Let's take Miami for example where the world's Largest Music festival with an assured attendance of 330,000+ people takes place-ULTRA Miami, makes a clean $90mill + for a weekend. Mind you the festival goes for two weekends!! Crazy Figure but trust me, that is what the city if Miami makes from the event. Not forgetting talent, Suppliers and the organizers if the festival. That's US! And you ask why they are a Super power, yet the world makes it a Super power. The mentality is what we should change.

If we had the city council supporting these events, the government and also Sponsorship would be easily gained through willing companies, we would be far not economically but also in development as we would open up to International talent who would open and brand Kenya out there.
In this world, we need happiness or want to be ever happy because it feelz good to be happy.
Pascaline,  it's a high time you stopped being self centered and opened up your eyes and mind to foresee the world in a different way. Not everyone would but I think you would see that.

Thank you


That Mind Blog

After writing that letter, I felt a relief. She never even bothered to reply. I guessed so from the start because I knew she wasn't even going to. But, what the hell, she got the message. That's my happiness.(Because she's online on whatsapp till date!). 

Nonetheless, is we as organizers should love what we are doing and strive to improve talent, both local and International. We should work in harmony and seek advice from each other! Let us work and produce the best and to our fans. Support is really needed. It won't make us move a step if we want free stuff! free Tickets, free drinks, and free stuff. There is a mentality that we need to really work on since if we want to change the EDM face, the change has to start from within not without!

Charity begins at home, I hope you know that. Let's build Kenya and develop it through EDM. This is our chance. We lose it, we Forget about it. FOR GOOD!

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